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Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts Photography

Restorations - generally tackled in three classes of deterioration: light / medium / severe

Dad Smedley Road School 100dpiJPEG JPEGDenise and Roy JPEGEileen and Alfred JPEGAlfred - in uniform JPEGWhole famil JPEGNan - August 1943 Eileen and Alfred with younger images

On the left is a picture of my dad at school in 1918.

The damage to the photograph is almost all in the corners and edges and does not impinge on any of

the faces or major features.

This piece of restoration work I would class as "light" and took me about an hour to eradicate the creases and to give it a "polish up".

Restoration fees £20 per hour

plus any printing costs if wanted

Below is the process of a very interesting challenge. As well as restoration, the client wanted herself and brother taken out of the family picture leaving her mother and father only (because she did not have any photo with only her mum and dad on it). I cut out the two youngsters leaving her mum and dad alone (both images then to be printed separately) but, after discussing the pictures, we decided there was too large a gap between her parents. After some thought and discussion I suggested using some earlier pictures of her mum and dad to "fill the gap". The lady was delighted with the result.

The result

(My dad is on the bottom row second from the left)