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Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts Photography


In 2018 I wrote fifty limericks for children I know in the primary school where I do volunteer work. The proposed title of the book was to be "Fifty Limericks For Children I Know". But I'm going to extend the book starting in January to include all the adults I know so now the proposed title is "One Hundred Limericks For People I Know" - now there's a surprise.


I also wrote a story for children entitled "Henry - The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Get His Feet Wet". The reason for his fear is based on family history and a little bit of myth and threat of ocean pollution but he overcomes his fear to save the life of his friend.


Mosr recent story idea is "Luna - The Girl Who Likes to Listen to Stones".


Also in the pipeline is a musical comedy nativity - music, lyrics and script. The title is "Where On Earth Is Bethlehem?"